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  • Mon 3rd Jun 2019 - 8:09am

    Wouldn't it be great if you could stop the sands of time affecting your face without theGOODBYE GREYuse of any medical intervention, whether that be a needle or a knife. It's a massive industry, a large percentage of the population strive to maintain their youth whether it is their body or their face. Some people may take multiple supplements a day, some may go for surgery, either of which is costly.

    Lets say you spend $50 a month on supplements, that's $600 per year. Doesn't sound like much? Well if you're 30 and you keep doing it for another 30 years it's $18,000. I'd certainly like that in my bank account. If you've got that kind of cash it's not so much of a big decision to spend it but the majority of people would like a cheap and effective solution.

    So what can you do to help maintain those gorgeous looks of yours without breaking the bank. You can give your face an exercise session. There has been a lot of talk of facial exercise and guess what, it works and you can do it at home, in the car, wherever you want. Just watch out at traffic lights or the person next to you might think you're completely bonkers!

    I think it is a great solution for anyone that is aware of a few wrinkles creeping in around the eyes. It won't make you look 16 again but it will give you an overall improvement in appearance. Got to be worth a try as far as I'm concerned.

    Time passes away quickly and by the time you settle in your life, you find your body experiencing the initial signs of aging. Low energy, fatigue, appearance of wrinkles, mood swings, low libido, sexual dysfunction, weight gain and increased body fat, weaker bones etc., are all signs of aging.

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