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    180 offers a 3 month weight reduction program, that incorporates a daily variety ofFat Burn Extremeshakes, meal replacement bars, protein bars, energy tea and a daily multi vitamin. You are set up for success with daily online meal planning tips, support, education, exercise tips and recipes!Dr. Jamie McManus, was the creator of a weight reduction program. Her team of researchers ensured that no product is unsafe - every product has been clinically tested and proven to work. If you follow the suggested program, you will be set up for success not only in reaching your weight reduction goals but in a lifelong maintenance for healthy weight.

    Don't forget to exercise daily!! No weight loss program is complete without a lifestyle change incorporating daily physical activity.It's that time of year again. Family, friends, food, drinks, and holiday parties galore! Can you really enjoy yourself during these festivities while also working to achieve that hot body? The answer is YES with three simple tips.

    A recent study by the New England Journal of Medicine found that the average American weight gain during the holiday season was only about 1 pound. But wait, don't get too excited about this yet. Some people will read this and decide that this means they can go overboard with drinking egg nog and other alcoholic beverages, sugary treats, and desserts galore. I wouldn't do that if I were you. If you go REALLY overboard and binge, don't workout, or count your calories during the time from Halloween to New Year's, you may easily gain much more than just 1 pound.

    Take into consideration that consuming 100 calories extra per day over your maintenance calories over a one year time span will equal approximately 10 pounds of weight gain in ONE YEAR! Break that down into eating 100 extra calories per day for 35 days - and you have 1 pound of weight gain. If you eat 250 extra calories per day over your maintenance calories for 30 days - now you have now gained over 2 pounds. Whoops!! What to do?

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     The fat furn extreme is a great product that you should be buying if you want to lose weight. If you are a college paper writer, then buying this product will give you something to write about. It's beneficial for a lot of people.

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